COHUTT Membership – Guidelines & Code of Conduct

COHUTT Membership - Community Guidelines

The mission of the COHUTT Member Network is to give you a place to be yourself, create and foster connections with fellow COHUTT members. We want our members to feel safe and supported and have created the following guidelines to help you get the most out of the Member Network experience.


What to do:

Here are ways to connect with other members on the Member Network.

Offer and find business solutions

Post your business questions and needs. Whether you are looking for answers to a "how-to" question or need a service provider, the community may be able to assist.


Share knowledge

The COHUTT community grows by interaction. Please contribute to the Member Network by starting conversations about your interests and expertise.


Be respectful

Be thoughtful of others in your online engagement and add to the supportive and celebratory feeling of COHUTT.


What not to do:

The following actions can lead to revocation of your membership.

  • Post illegal, inappropriate or threatening content.

  • Spam members through posts or personal messages.

  • Make statements that could damage the reputation of other members.

  • Disrupt the professional work environment.

  • Conduct fraudulent activity.


Reporting misuse

If you see any post, comment, profile, or message that you feel goes against the Community Guidelines, please share your concern by reporting it. We will always keep your report anonymous to other members.


A failure to follow the Community Guidelines may result in revocation of membership.


COHUTT Membership - Code of Conduct

COHUTT is a shared coworking space for its Members and not just a rented desk or office. All Members receive a copy of, and by becoming a member and using the COHUTT facilities members agree to this Code of Conduct and our Terms and Conditions, which may from time to time be amended on our website.


1.      Respect the space and maintain a professional environment - leave the Premises in a clean and tidy manner and put back items in their original position i.e. clean up your rubbish, wash and put away the dishes you use, keep the kitchen clean and benches and tables wiped down, if you break something, replace it. You must immediately clean any spillage in the Premises or in the common areas. You must not burn any rubbish or other material in the Premises or the common areas. You must not accumulate rubbish.

2.      Be kind, courteous and show respect to all Members, guests, visitors and staff. No abusive behaviour or behaviour that COHUTT believes will result in harm to staff, any Member, guest or other person will be tolerated. In the interests of maintaining a peaceful environment, all Members and guests must turn phones down or to vibrate and will conduct phone conversations quietly or use quiet rooms, to ensure that all noise is kept to a minimum.

3.      You must not, and you must not permit any person to smoke cigarettes, e-cigs, vaping products or anything else that produces a gas in the Premises or the common areas.

4.      Alcohol may only be consumed on the Premises responsibly and with the consent of COHUTT and can not be offered for sale by itself or as part of a paid ticketed event. We are not licensed, and any special licensing requirements will be the sole responsibility of the member.

5.      Recycle paper, cardboard, cans and bottles where you can, by putting them in the bins provided.

6.      If you are the last person to leave, turn off the lights and appliances (e.g. coffee maker, stove etc.), close all windows and openings and lock the door.

7.      When you leave each day, and you are a casual member, make sure your work area is completely cleared and available for another to use. Any items left by a casual member on the desk will be cleared and placed in the rubbish.

8.      Use the Premises solely for office purposes.

9.      You must not live, sleep, or permit anyone to live or sleep, on the Premises.

10.   Animals are not allowed on the premises except for RSB dogs.

11.   No pets, bicycles, skateboards or roller blades are permitted in the Premises or the common areas.

12.   COHUTT may exclude from the Premises any Member, guest or other person that it reasonably believes is behaving abusively or constitutes a security risk to the Premises or persons or property in the Premises.

13.   You must comply with COHUTT’s reasonable requirements regarding access to the Premises.

14.   You must maintain the quality and standard of the Premises and its presentation and comply with COHUTT’s reasonable requirements and standards of appearance. You may not alter or move any part of the setup in the Premises or put up any partitions.

15.   You will not store any goods or equipment in the Premises or the common areas, other than those supplied for that purpose or in accordance with your Membership.

16.   You will not store or allow the following to enter the building: radioactive, chemical, medical, produce, livestock or biological samples and / or products.

17.   You must obtain the prior consent in writing from COHUTT to post signs, host events or use the COHUTT Facility otherwise than in accordance with your Membership.

18.   COHUTT may close all or any part of the Premises if it thinks it is necessary for the safety of the Premises or any person on the Premises.

19.   You must not use the name of COHUTT or any of its trademarks or logos without its consent.

20.   You must not display in or outside the Premises or in the common areas or car parking area, any stock, produce, material or signage, or use any part of the area outside the Premises, the common areas or the car parking area for any purpose, other than by prior written agreement of COHUTT.

21.   You must not play music, sound equipment or use a television without the prior written consent of COHUTT unless its in a meeting room or a private enclosed office and if it so it must be at a reasonably low level so other members cannot hear it.

22.   You must not spruik or permit any other loud or like noise either inside the Premises or in the common areas or car parking area.

23.   You must not conduct or permit an auction, fire or bankruptcy sale on the Premises or common areas.

24.   You must not have any electronic vending games, vending machines or similar equipment in the Premises.

25.   You must not operate flashing or turning lights in the Premises.

26.   You must not install or connect any cabling or IT connections, electrical equipment including heaters, air conditioners, telephones, surveillance equipment or communication equipment at the Premises.

27.   You may only prepare food (avoiding smoke) in areas installed for that purpose.

28.   You must not interfere with, or deposit any rubbish or foreign material in, any drains, toilets, sinks, basins, water supply, gas, electrical plumbing or any other services contained in the Premises and use those facilities only for their proper purpose.

29.   You must not do anything to interfere with the efficient operation of the services or amenities in the Premises including the air conditioning, the lifts, smoke detectors, fire alarms etc. and if so you will be responsible for any charges that may result.

30.   You must not do anything in the Premises or the common areas that is likely to be dangerous to any person.

31.   You must promptly tell COHUTT about any accident to or problem with any services or facilities on the Premises or if they need repair especially if you are aware, or ought reasonably to be aware, that this may be a danger or risk to the Premises or any person.

32.   You must immediately report to COHUTT about any injuries which happen on the Premises.

33.   You must not park in any area other than as specified by COHUTT and can only do so if you are a paying car park or bike customer. You must adhere to any directions given to you by COHUTT or the owner or lessor of the Premises or the property on which the Premises is situated, concerning parking and car spaces.

34.   You must not bring any heavy or bulky equipment onto the Premises.

35.   You must keep the common area clear and you must not block the fire or escape doors or passageways. If you do, they will be removed at your cost. You must not cover or obstruct any service duct, fire prevention device or thing that allows light into or ventilation of the Premises.

36.   You must not store or use inflammable, explosive or corrosive substances or chemicals on the Premises or bring anything or do anything that may increase insurance premiums in respect of the Premises.

37.   You must comply with COHUTT’s reasonable requirements for fire safety and observe and obey all fire or emergency drills.

38.   If you are aware of a risk or a danger (liquid spill, leak or any other similar thing) in any part of the Premises or common area, you must tell COHUTT immediately and obey any instructions given by COHUTT, including leaving the Premises.

39.   If you are aware of a risk or a danger such as a bomb threat, fire, or terrorism alert in any part of the Premises or common area, you must DIAL 000 immediately and obey any instructions, including leaving the Premises. You must also notify COHUTT at your earliest convenience.

40.   You must not cover or obstruct windows or skylights.

41.   You must not stick any posters or anything else on the walls.

42.   You must not do anything that could cause damage to the Premises or the common areas or the property of COHUTT, the Premises, the floors and walls in the Premises, the lifts or other property or equipment in the common areas.

43.   You must not do anything that is, or may be, dangerous, annoying or offensive to, or that may interfere with, other Members, or other tenants in the building the Premises is situated in or in adjacent buildings.

44.   You are responsible for rectifying any damage to the COHUTT Facility, the Premises, the common areas or COHUTT’s property (fair wear and tear excepted) caused by you.

45.   You will not compromise the security of the Premises and will do your best to keep the Premises safe and secure and to protect the Premises and the property of COHUTT and Members against theft and damage. Therefore, you will ensure that at all times security locks or doors or openings are not bypassed or left open and doors or openings must never be propped open. After hours (all weekends, public holidays and Monday to Friday 6:00 pm to 8:30 am), the doors or openings may only be opened for 30 seconds at a time, otherwise a security alarm will be triggered and will therefore have to be investigated by the security team. In the event that this happens because you have left a door or opening open, you will be responsible for any charges that may result. Keys and access devices must not be lent or given to any other person for any reason whatsoever.

46.   If keys or access devices are misplaced or stolen, you must notify COHUTT immediately. Deposit on lost keys and access devices is forfeited and a new deposit must be paid on a new key or access device.

47.   You must not copy any key or access device.

48.   Members must not allow other persons on the Premises who are not a Member or guest who has signed the guest register.

49.   If you fail to make payment in accordance with the Membership Agreement, you will be liable for any reasonable costs incurred by COHUTT in recovering the debt (including any legal fees, bank fees, collection agency charges or any other costs).